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Iron Bridges


We have rehabilitated several iron structures in the state of Indiana over the past several years, this page is dedicated to those bridges, and also to the workers who built them. Repairing these ageless structures can, at times be trying, and dangerous, and the fact that we have modern day equipment and services available to us now makes it easier and quicker than our past generations that originally built them. When these were originally built, the equipment that was available to them then, was very crude compared to what we have today, but they accomplished amazing results! Some of the repairs that we make requires us to go back to those days sometimes, because of the access to these, sometimes very remote areas. They are back in the boondocks, so to speak, sometimes, and we cannot get our modern day equipment to them, so some of the work is done with a lot of manual labor, even today


We have now repaired, or totally rebuilt many different types of iron, or steel truss type bridges. Some have been pony truss design, or through truss design, the difference between the two being that the pony truss does not have a top on it, and a through truss does have a top on it, and you actually drive THROUGH it. There are many different designs of the pony and the through truss bridges, one of our projects was different, it was a bow truss design, originally manufactured by the King Bridge Company.


We also have a page showing some pony truss bridges that we have for sale.

George Street Bridge

The George Street Bridge in Aurora Indiana